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Looking for New School Uniform Supplier?

When it comes to creating a brand for your academy or school, JDM Associates is committed to providing uniform of the highest quality in every stitch and at the right price.
For over 10 years we have worked with more thank 5,000 customers throughout New Jersey to supply schoolwear of an exceptional standard.
Our dedicated team of experts will work to your bespoke requirements to produce a uniform that is comfortable, durable and packed by our comprehensive Quality Guarantee.
To Find out more speak to our friendly customer service team to arrange a visit from one of our local Account Managers.

We serve both public and private schools.

Every uniform selected by your school is available in our store and has been designed to have longer wear, easy care, maximum softness and provide everyday comfort. In addition, our ability to accommodate a large variety of sizes assures your school that every child will be provided a proper uniform.
In short, we are a company that you can trust and we strive to have our products bring a smile to your face when you see your student body well outfitted.
Included among the many products and services we offer are:

  • Thousands of school uniforms in stock all year long
  • Free in school measuring program
  • We offer good, Better, Best selection for every budget
  • Our Blank polos start at $5.00-Embroidered w/ logo start at $10
  • We offer custom Embroidery and screen printing on premises
  • Plaid jumpers in all sizes and styles
  • Skirts and skorts in solid colors and plaids
  • Walking shorts
  • Oxford, Peter Pan and pointed collar broadcloth shirts and blouses
  • Gym uniforms custom-printed with your school logo in-stock
  • Custom Uniforms for Special Needs Students
  • Custom flyers with special pricing ready for distribution to students
    and parents
  • Accessories that match your school plaid including lunch boxes,
    backpacks, and hair accessories
  • American Girl Doll uniform in your school plaid

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